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in the first debate, they tend to get some bounce back. i expected that could happen here. >> reporter: the romney campaign believes the governor scored a knockout. >> i do believe governor romney is the clear winner of this debate. if it was a boxing match, it would have been called. >> reporter: an instant cbs news poll of independent voters shows romney was the overwhelming winner. 46% of the people we surveyed say romney won the debate while 22% say the president had the edge. romney also helped his image with voters. 63% now say they believe romney cares about their needs and problems. that's up from 30% before last night. and 56% say they like romney better after watching his performance. but moderator and pbs anchor jim lehrer might not feel the same way. >> i'm sorry, jim, i'm going to stop this to pbs. i like pbs, big bird and you too, but i'm not going to keep spending money on things to borrow money from china to pay for it. >> reporter: the two men will
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square off again october 16. bigad shaban, cbs news, denver. both men hit the campaign trail today and the president will hold a rally in denver and wisconsin. mitt romney will be in virginia campaigning with his running mate. last night we teamed up with our counterparts at our sister newspaper "u.s.a. today" for a fact check session. >> every statement the candidates made was immediately dissected. derek mcginty has more with the "u.s.a. today"'s political editor. >> reporter: there was a lot to talk about, a lot of facts, especially the $5 trillion in tax cuts. president owe bottom ma -- president obama says that's what romney wants to do romney says not me. >> his central economic plan calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of the extension of the bush tax cuts. that's another trillion dollars and $2 trillion in additional military spending that the military hasn't asked for. >> i don't have a $5 trillion tax cut. i don't have a tax cut on the scale you're talking about. my view is we ought to provide
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tax relief to people in the middle class. >> reporter: all right. two contending points there. only one can be right. paul singer, political editor at "u.s.a. today," who's right? >> mitt romney does have tax cuts in his plan. the issue is it really a $5 trillion tax cut because what he says it will make more revenue because it creates more jobs. those people then start paying taxes. so it doesn't actually cut revenues to the government. but there are cuts in the tax rate that individuals pay. i'm not sure how to count whether that is or is not a tax cut. >> reporter: bottom line, $5 trillion not $5 trillion or there is no bottom line? >> the romney-ryan plan has never specified exactly what the loopholes they will close or how the math adds up, but they say it is not a $5 trillion tax cut because it has
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these other residual benefits. >> well, that cleared that up, didn't it? both candidates are working hard, though, to win the support of young voters. >> last night students at the university of maryland in college park watched the debate and then offered their opinions of the candidates in a high- tech way. matt jablow has more. >> reporter: for professor philip resnick, the first general election debate of 2012 marked the call nation of one -- culmination of one full year of hard work. >> i'm looking forward to seeing the technology in action on this scale. >> reporter: a computer scientist at the university of maryland, he developed the software program that was launched while president obama and mitt romney dualed in denver. >> this is all about a new way to tap into people's opinions. >> reporter: an internet-based software program that instantly recorded the reactions of about 500 students watching the debate here in college park and perhaps another 10,000 college
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students at schools all around the country. >> they are looking on their smartphone at a screen that has buttons that say agree, disagree, spin, dodge. you hear something you agree with, tap it. >> reporter: not surprisingly given the audience, president obama got his biggest spikes of support when talking about reducing the costs of education while mitt romney did not fair nearly as well with the liberal leaning college crowd as the debate went on. matt jablow, 9news now. >> that's cool. that was really interesting. in other news now, there is still no sign this morning of a missing fairfax county teenager. brian glenn was last seen monday morning at w.t. woodson high school but did not show up for class. his vehicle was found in face park tuesday morning. investigators searched the area thursday night but have not
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found him. if you know where glenn is or have any information, please call police. it could lead to an award. police are searching for whoever beat an elderly man in silver spring. 72-year-old guzman was found unresponsive in a parking lot of an apartment building on garland avenue early tuesday morning. he remains in the hospital in critical condition and at this point is unable to speak. if you have any information on this beating, please call police. a warning for women in fairfax county. police say a man is grabbing women and fondling them. the latest attack tuesday night on hibbling avenue in springfield. the victim grabbed the woman's breasts while she was with her daughter. he quickly took off when the woman started screaming. the civil war in syria is crossing the boarder into turkey. some mortar shells missed their intended targets and killed five people in turkey.
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>> that's when turkish forces returned fire. we have more from new york. >> reporter: turkey has taken action against neighboring syria after a deadly shelling from syria hit a turkish town. among the dead a 6-year-old boy. several people were also injured including a police officer. turkey retaliated on points in syria detected with radar. the united states is in contact with turkish officials. >> it's a very, very dangerous situation. all responsible nations need to band together to persuade the assad regime to have a cease- fire. >> reporter: parts of the syrian city lay in rubble following four explosions. syrian state tv says three sue a side bombers -- suicide bombers detonated cars. packed with explosives. they went off within minutes of each other near a military officers club. the city has become one of the
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biggest battlegrounds in the 18- month fight between rebels and government forces. serious parliament -- syria's parliament condemned the bombs as terrorists trying to oust president assad. the explosions triggered panic among some residents who just want the conflict to end. vinita nair for cbs news. >> president assad reportedly visited ahelp poe on tuesday to get a firsthand look at the fighting. he has ordered 30,000 more troops into that battle. here's a look at some other things making news now at 4:37. teachers in chicago have approved a new three-year contract. it includes pay increases and a new evaluation system. the chicago board of education is expected to approve it later this month. the contract ratification officially ends the strike in
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labor negotiations when began when teachers walked off the job for a week on september 10. major league baseball has its first triple crown winner in 45 years. miguel cabrera finished as the leader in the american league in batting average home runs and rbis. the last time anyone finished at the top of all three categories 1967. cabrera received a standing ovation when he left the field during the detroit tigers game against the royals. our time is 4:38. more clouds, a few showers and some fog expected today. howard is back in two minutes to let us know what the rest of the day and the weekend will be like. >> at 4:42, americans' love affair with netflix continues. >> at 4:50, an experimental treatment is giving children with bubble boy disease some new hope. >> we're back with your weather first in two minutes. stay with us. -to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help.
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the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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welcome back. almost 4:41. your weather first on this thursday morning. we have a few showers west of town. they'll be coming through the next few hours but it will be a much better afternoon as we become partly sunny. a high of 81. a drive home temp 75 degrees. i'll be back in about five minutes with the weekend forecast. we definitely have a clear winner on one of those days. right now here's beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. howard, good morning. good news for 270 travelers. early morning overnight crash if you will northbound 270 north of urbana but before buckies town pike. it was northbound and again now you're going to find that traffic is able to get by completely without the distraction. it's clear southbound. better news out of frederick where lanes should be open. overnight work crew heading south toward route 80 should also be out of your way. your next timesaver traffic at
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4:48. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. 4:41. time for your first money segment of the morning. good morning, jess. >> good morning to both of you. we put gasoline in our car so we think about our dollars and sense. crude oil fell to a two-month low on fresh evidence after slowdown in china. that's good for us. the drivers, but energy investors have concerns that the demand for oil is going to decrease as economic growth slows around the world. the job market another major factor today with the government's weekly report on unemployment benefits. investors got some encouraging news on the labor department yesterday. a private payroll company said u.s. businesses added slightly more workers than expected last month. a hopeful sign ahead of the government's monthly unemployment report which comes out tomorrow morning. checking the numbers the dow stands this morning at 13,494. rose more than 12 points in trading yesterday. good day for the nasdaq up by 15. the s&p 500 was better by 5.
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shares of hewlett-packard, a tough day plunging to their lowest level in ten years. meg whitman warned analysts about weak warnings. whitman also added it will take time to sun the struggling tech giant around. but it was a good day for netflix. shares jumped 10%. the increase came after analysts said customer satisfaction at the company sip proving and the outlook is bright for its video streaming service. i just watched a netflix movie anyself. >> i never tried it. >> my son does. >> it's great. masterpiece theater so. >> i like that. very good. still ahead, some supplements that you take could be making some promises that are not being fulfilled. we'll explain. >> we'll let you know what that could mean for your health when we return in two minutes.
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. good morning. welcome back to 9news now.
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weather first with howard bernstein. take it away. >> we have some showers this morning but it's going to be a much nicer amp. tomorrow looks -- afternoon. tomorrow looks fantastic. if you have to pick a weekend day, pick saturday. saturday looks far better than sunday. i know the skins have a home game. >> maybe they'll do on a rainy field. i know the hogs are gone. >> maybe something will help. >> they did one. >> they just barely did it in tampa. let's talk about the bus stop forecast. scattered showers right now west of us but they'll be moving through the metro over the next few hours. once we get past the mid- morning, we'll be in far better shape. temps are running anywhere from the mid-60s north and west of us to as warm as 75 south and east of us this morning. it is another mild start to the day. 73 here in d.c. at 8:00. still a shower possible. by lunch time mostly cloudy but a couple of breaks will start
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to show up, 76. as we get into the afternoon winds northwest 5 to 10. going to clear us out some. 79 by 4:00. we should be partly cloudy by 8:00, down to 71. tonight we'll be dipping into the 50s and low 60s for lows under generally clear skies. this moisture has been flowing in from florida for the last several days. now we're seeing more of it from the central north carolina through virginia all the way up into new york state and almost in toward new hampshire and vermont. around here we're seeing the moderate showers. they're west of town getting into western loudoun county from purcelville back down toward upperville. then you go down 17 into central fauquier county toward warrenton. we have a few heavier showers. lighter stuff getting over to almost dale city, quantico, fredricksburg. we have a couple of heavier showers there as well. all of this scattered shower activity moving to the northeast. it will be drifting eastward with the showers moving north on it. that's why we'll be wet here for the morning rush again. nothing like a couple mornings ago but any rain will certainly
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slow things down. there's our warm stuff south and east. 75 the patuxent river naval air station. 64 in cumberland. that's not bad at all for this time of year. here in town we have a 71- degree reading. looking outside on our weather camera, we're dry, cloudy but good visibility this morning with the 71-degree reading. humidity way up at 90%. at the moment there are no winds to speak of. look at the cold air coming into the country. wow, temperatures this morning 20s and 30s in the northern rockies. snow is flying. there are parts of northwestern minnesota that could see a foot of snow over the next couple of days. the forecast highs today will only be in the 40s and even 30s in some spots. minneapolis 53. it will be the northwest sliver right there. there's the snow coming in. rain changing to snow in north dakota. that's why they're going to get hit hard. for us we're looking at the moisture starting to shut off. once we get rid of this later this morning, i think we'll be dry for the next couple of days until a front comes here later
4:49 am
saturday. that will have a chance of a shower. behind the front cooler air sunday and another wave of low pressure. looks like showers and kind of a raw day. 81 today the early shower finishing with partly sunny skies. 50s to low 60s tonight under clear to partly cloudy skies. a beautiful friday, 82. saturday afternoon shower, maybe two of them. highs in the mid- to upper 70s. saturday still decent. got some yard work to do, do it early. then on sunday looking showery and cool, 60 and a chilly columbus day with high of 62. it's 4:49. good morning, beverly farmer. your ride right now along the 95 corridor if you're heading out early in fredericksburg, the overnight work still in place. that's been the tieup. you leave early to beat the traffic and you get stuck in the overnight work near 17. one lane was able to get by but they should be pulling out shortly. beyond that approaching dumfries out of quantico,
4:50 am
everything is open into springfield and on to 395. 66 travelers still a good ride front royal into markum. lanes reopened from overnight road work into falls church. light volume as you head toward ballston and the roosevelt bridge. we head north of urbana, it has been cleared. not a distraction for southbound traffic leaving frederick. here we are in high yachtstown. right side of the screen is southbound traffic mosque freely toward -- moving freely toward rockville. the road work near new hampshire avenue should be out of the way. route 1 in laurel near 198 they were clearing up a crash. police say you can get around it. next timesaver traffic is at 4:55. back to you. ucla researchers are using a gene therapy to restore the immune systems of children with the so-called bubble boy disease. >> teresa garcia has more on this breakthrough research. >> reporter: the amesley family
4:51 am
has been dealing with a rare disease since their son was born. >> he started getting really bad coughs, sol mitting and throwing up. >> reporter: 5-year-old colton has severe combined immune deficiency or skid also known as bubble boy disease. he's missing a gene needed for his immune system to develop. kids with the condition are extremely vulnerable to viruses and bacteria and can die within one to two years if not treated. until now a bone marrow transplant or lifelong enzyme injections were the only option. but now ucla researchers are using an experimental gene therapy with low dose chemotherapy. >> to take some bone marrow from the skid baby and in the laboratory add back to it a normal copy of the gene that they're missing that's causing skid and then transporting them back with their own barrow. >> reporter: just 30 to 40 kids are born every year in the u.s. with skids. there was a one in four chance colton's little sister abigail with be born with the genetic
4:52 am
disease. >> we knew right away. they did a blood test as soon as she was born. >> reporter: she had gene therapy treatment at just a few months old. you'd never know the 14-month- old was sick. >> she's definitely doing a lot better than he is because we caught her so young. >> reporter: colton just started kindergarten. >> we're able to go do whatever we want to do. we're not isolated in the house anymore. >> reporter: they hope this experimental treatment will help their children keep living normal lives. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> at this point both children still need to take medications and have i.v. treatments to replace their antibodies which help fight infection. in the past few years, many states have started testing newborns for scid. screening programs for diabetes do not appear to lower death rates. that's the finding of a large trial in england. researchers separated patients into three groups. one was screened for type 2
4:53 am
diabetes. the third group didn't get screened at all. after a ten-year period there was absolutely no difference in mortality rates between the groups. aspirin may help with a person's thinking skills. researchers tested the physical and mental ability of hundreds of elderly women. those who took aspirin every day for five years scored higher on intellect tests like verbal flew wensy and memory than elderly women who didn't take aspirin daily. all the women in the study were at high risk of heart disease. dozens of supplements used for weight loss or boosting your immune system are illegally label and cannot back up their claims with research. that's the finding of a new report from health and human services. it says consumers may not only be wasting their money, they could also be endangering their health. inspectors found 20% of the products made claims without any scientific evidence. some went even as far to promise a cure for cancer or diabetes.
4:54 am
>> they make potentially dangerous claims. people think they can take them and then they don't need to go to the doctor or they don't need to take regular medicine. >> dietary supplements generate about $20 billion in sales each year in the united states. one research group estimates 80% of adults take supplements. most consumers don't know, however, that supplements are not required to go through fda safety testing and they don't get their health claims preapproved. 4:54. time for the question of the morning. >> roughly 1100 of these are started every second in the country. is it a, automobiles, b, relationships, or c, loads of laundry? >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. i don't spend money
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on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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welcome back. 4:56 this thursday morning. showers coming across the region the next couple of hours that will impact the morning rush a little bit but we'll get better. by later this morning some sunny breaks. finishing the day partly sunny. high around 81 degrees. beverly farmer? northbound 95 checking out the ride for folks in fredricksburg as you try to make your way northward 17 falmouth. overnight road work just cleared near 17. you can see the lineup leaving route 3 to get across the rapahannock. very early delays northbound 95 there. going to try to clear those out for you. the rest of the ride up toward quantico, woodbridge into springfield is incident free. we're open to the 14th street bridge. i-66 decent as you make your way from front royal on into
4:58 am
fair oaks. the overnight road work on the beltway gone and eastbound 66 through falls church, ballston, ross lynn, all lanes open. -- rosslyn, all lanes open. the i-270 corridor everything open. liam kneeson returns to his role as a retired c.i.a. operative in his new film. >> alexis christoforous has a preview of the new thriller which hits theaters tomorrow. >> reporter: liam returns to his role as ryan mills in the action thriller "taken too." >> i'll be fine. >> reporter: in the first movie which made nearly $230 million, his character rescued his daughter from kidnappers who were trafficking young girls. in the sequel, the kidnapper's family is out for revenge. >> your mother and i are going to be taken. people are going to come for
4:59 am
you, too. >> reporter: he says he's familiar with the cycle of violence that the film explores. >> i grew up in the society in northern ireland where that was the rule of law. violence breeding violence and revenge killing after revenge killing for 30 years. i could totally relate to that. >> reporter: neeson, a 60-year- old oscar nominee nearly four decades into his career loves being cast as an action hero. >> hollywood started sending me these action scripts. i was very pleased. i felt like a big kid. >> it's great to see somebody his age is doing it and doing it so well and people are responding to him so positively. >> reporter: neeson says he'll keep doing action movies till his knees give out. alexis christoforous, cbs news,

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